Easily rollback WordPress to specific older version

WordPress is a great CMS with lovely community. The team takes all the efforts to make every new release a smooth release. However, with so many themes & plugins out there it is simply impossible to test with all permutations and combinations. Whenever major WordPress update is released many users face issues where they end up breaking their production site. Rollback WordPress! If you are short of time please check video at the end.

Some websites have automated updates enabled or some website owners directly update production site without prior testing on the staging environment. So what would you do when you notice that the public facing production site is broken with latest update? WP Downgrade plugin is to your rescue.

How to rollback WordPress to older version?

Simply install & activate the “WP Downgrade” plugin then go to “Settings > WP Downgrade” menu and then enter the valid older version that you want to rollback to. Once you enter that, save the setting and then observe the notice at the bottom of your screen which looks like below:

rollback wordpress version

So you need to click on “Update Core” link which will take you to WordPress dashboard screen where you will need to click on “Reinstall version 5.7.2” button:

click 're-install version 5.7.2' button to rollback to older version

It will take some time to download the WordPress core files for the older version. Once that is done you are all set to use the older WordPress version.

Video : rollback WordPress to specific older version

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