How to choose a WordPress hosting?

First of all congratulations on deciding to setup a website for your business. Well, in today’s world only businesses don’t need a website. People setup a website as “brand you” OR for a hobby. This hobby can be a photography or blogging. When you are new the key is to start small.

Based on the purpose, the choice of WordPress hosting would differ. For example for the “brand you” site you don’t need to spend a lot. For a business website probably you should invest a little but not too much in the beginning. For an eCommerce website you should be ready to carefully check the features offered by the host and then spend your money on hosting.

For “brand you” site or a hobby site (photography, blogging etc) you can safely go with hosting your site on “Free” plan the only caveat is you won’t be able to assign your own domain and the you will get 3GB space. Free Hosting

If you want to use a custom domain then you can easily upgrade or go for a “Personal” plan. In this plan you also get 6GB space & ad free website.

For a business website with few pages, blog/news section and a contact form the “Premium” plan is the best fit. This offers you 13GB space. In case your business website needs customisation then only there is a point in upgrading from “Premium” plan to “Business” plan. Go for this only if you are a power user or have a developer to do customisations.

Lastly, if you are launching an eCommerce store then the eCommerce plan is exclusively made for that. It gives you all the features, 200GB space, backups, security and what not. After all, you will have many products with many images. So you will need more space. Since you will be getting orders from customer the data needs to be secured & backed up. So this plan is worth it.

After hosting I would suggest exploring other hosting services recommended by . The prices and offers keeps on changing. These hosts offer shared hosting as well as managed hosting.

If your business is large, you are ready to spend more and have an in-house development team or an agency taking care of your online presence then a managed hosting like WPEngine is highly recommended

If you need any help in setting up a website for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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